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Trenchcoat Mafia Anime Union~!

Where Anime Meets Trenchcoats

Trenchcoat Mafia Anime Union
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Welcome to the Trenchcoat Mafia Anime Union

Below is a listing of rules. We have a few rules of conduct, but many for actual specific postings. This is because we wish to stay a neat, and orderly community. Remember, the better we look, the more chance we have of becoming a better community.

~Rules of Conduct~

-Do not flame other members of the community. This is not a place for arguments
-Respect all administration and moderating staff.
-Reviews, reports, and rants should express views not already expressed by other reviews, reports, and rants.
-We would appriciate it if you avoid telling us about your daily life. This community is based upon anime, manga, gaming and japanese culture. Keep daily life to your own livejournal.
-Written material and art must be cut and labelled with a description, as well as warnings about any potentially offensive material.
-Written material must be grammatically sound and spelled correctly
-If an admin/mod sees fit to remove something, they will provide you with the reason why. At times, the descion can be subject to appeal.
-Reviewing conventions and concerts will be set to one - three people. Any one else wishing to add to the images or review may comment on any of the reviews posted.

~Rules for Reviewing~

Over-all Rating - Reviews will be rated with 1-5 stars, including half, third or quarter stars.
Summary - General plot summary, with a list of main characters. There will no tolerence for spoilers.

~Content Review

Violence - 0-5 (0 = No violence, 5 = Extreme gore and/or frequent violence)
Language - 0-5 (0 = No foul language, 5 = Extreme or frequent swearing)
Suggestive Dialogue - 0-5 (0 = None, 5 = Innuendos will take your virginity)
Nudity - 0-5 (0 = None, 5 = Explicit sexual nudity/actions)
Occult - 0-5 (0 = Normalicy, 5 = Large amounts of magical situations)
Freakiness - 0-5 (0 = Makes sense, or is easy to understand, 5 = The definition of random and non-sensical)

~Technical Review

Characters - 0-5 (0 = Flat, unable to connect, 5 = Beautifully realistic)
Plot - 0-5 (0 = Boring, or overly cliche, 5 = New, original and fun to watch)
Animation - 0-5 (0 = Choppy, repeated images, 5 = Smooth as silk, every frame different)
Music - 0-5 (0 = Completely off, or none at all, 5 = Invokes emotion even without images)

Theme - What is the anime trying to convey? What did you pick up from it? Does it have an underlying message or consistant theme throughout?

For any review, please try to get another member or administrator's opinion as well. The broader the range, the easier it is for a person to choose which anime they may wish to watch.

We have a single rule we stand by completely. There will be NO tolerance for any discrimination against age, gender, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or anything else one is able to think of. It is not accepted, nor wanted in our community. If we see any type of discrimination, I will personally remove you from the group. If it is severe, or otherwise dangerous in my eyes, I WILL report you to LiveJournal staff for harassment.

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