Miki (kirbywarrior1) wrote in tcmanimeunion,

From the Anime News Network on Adult Swim

I listened to an audio interview they linked to at www.gatv.tv, and I found out some stuff...

1) The first few episodes of Eva should be able to air unedited on Adult Swim. As for the later episodes, time will tell.

2) AS has finally been given permission to air TV-MA material, so it looks like there will be quite a few less cuts from here on out.

3) They've got some show up their sleeve that they're NOT talking about. This interview was done after the announcement of the possibility of a subtitled anime, and the lady in the interview said that the ace in the hole and the possible subtitled anime are one in the same. It can't be Bobobo... they've already announced that. I really don't know what it could be, and I saw some speculation somewhere... but I forgot it. lol

Well, just thought I'd ramble on a bit.

P.S. - www.animenewsnetwork.com - These guys put up a lot of anime news articles. I mean... it's in their stinkin' web address after all. Check 'em out.
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