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The Top of the Heap

And the drumroll please...

*slaps legs with hands in a rapid fashion*

Movie #1 -

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse


Utena Tenjou arrives at Ohtori Academy seeking the prince of her youth. However, she soon gets wrapped up in a series of duels over a mysterious girl, the "Rose Bride," that promise to bring her eternity, miracles, and everything that shines. Who knew that a gesture of chivalry could wind up like this?


Oooooo..... big shock to people who know me well at all. lol

I know many people who cannot stand this movie. I know many people that adore this movie. I, of course, am of the opinion of those who adore it.

This is everything I think an anime, purely as a work of art, should be. The whole movie is like a painting, deep meanings hidden in a surface-level beauty. No one can claim to understand it after one sitting. No one. This is something that must be stared at, something that must be viewed several times to be "truly" appreciated. People who are in it for the yuri and the swordfights are missing out on everything this movie is at its core. If taken at face value, this movie is a total enigma. Pieces will never fit together and seem completely random without careful thought. I like it when everything I do engages my mind. I guess I'm just geared like that. But this movie engages it every time without fail. I notice something new every time I watch it, and the puzzle finds itself one step closer to completion.

One of the great things about it is that my interpretation is my own. Like any work of art, each person viewing it has to interpret it for themselves, their own way. Even in the commentary, the director refused to divulge the meanings of things because, he said, it would narrow the interpretations and meanings of the movie to different people.

The art and story convey nothing but beauty and chivalry, and never sacrifice anything for those concepts. The soundtrack to this movie is perhaps one of the finest in anime, totally fitting to the movie and totally unique (well, aside from the series's soundtrack).

This story is a retelling of the anime series, and is definitely not a sequel. Trying to connect the four pieces of Utena is impossible (manga, series, movie manga, movie), as each stands alone and has significant differences from the others. This movie manages to capture the essence of everything that is the Utena franchise and packages it into a pretty little movie that stands alone (pretty well, at least - a basic understanding of the world of Utena is helpful, like the basic mechanics of how duels work and other quirks of the franchise.).

All in all, this is probably my favorite anime of all time, series or movie. It really surpasses any other anime on an "art" level, existing to appeal to the eyes, ears, and the mind, never failing at any task.

There ya have it. Thanks again for watching! I hope you all enjoyed this LONG excursion through my fandom and aren't sick of me. ^^;;
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