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Anime update 9/22

Alright - it's been awhile, so here ya go!

Ultra Maniac (ep 8)- Still fighting the good magical-girl fight. It's starting to descend into episodicness, but we'll see if that'll last long. A few children have been introduced... by "children" I mean three little kids sent to muck up the system and try to be cute at the same time.... Now, I like shojo, don't get me wrong, but I am still human. I have my limits.

Legend of DUO (eps 11+12)- Shinsen finally put out the last two episodes. These almost make the whole thing not worth it. There's nothing much here... anticlimacticness, non-animation... The story seems to rush to its finish and I can only hope, for the sake of this thing's quality as a work of anime, that it's more like a series of previews to something greater, both to a remake as well as a prequel, and the ending leaves it wide open for a sequel as well. This is assuming that episode 12 is the end... and I really don't know if it is or not.

Kono Minikuku wo Utsukushii Sekai (eps 5-7) - This has been the best and worst of this series. I can see where people are getting the too-much-fanservice bent on it here, thanks to a hot springs scene that got a little too creative with the camera angles (for me, though I also know this was made for a Japanese audience who probably doesn't mind such things so much anyway). The level of fanservice has jumped up quite a bit, and thankfully, for most of ep. 7, it was toned down. I like the show quite a bit, I just wish it wasn't as fanservicy as it is. Most people, of course, aren't bothered by this at all, so I should mention that I really like the plot as well, and the characters have been consistent. The show still looks good, its just done a couple things (as I've mentioned) that I find a little unsettling.

Narutaru (7/13)- I've decided to drop this one. I'm getting the same vibe as I did from Full Metal Panic - If I stick around until the halfway point and still don't like it, I'll figure out I'm just wasting my time.

Weiss Kreuz TV (3 eps)- Okay, now this is gonna be a touchy one, I'm sure. I'm three episodes in, and I've gotta say, I've seen better, but I've seen worse. It's a pretty average show so far, and at least I'm interested enough to keep watching this one. Premise is a little... off, but the show seems to carry itself well. For those who don't know, this is about four guys who run a flower shop as a front for the assassin organization they belong to. Yeah. Go figure. lol

And as a final note:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

......*faints* BUY THIS AND WATCH IT!!! If you haven't played the game, any good fangirl will unwittingly spill all the spoilers for you so you should be able to watch it no problem! ^_- lol *shrugs* hey, it worked for me, alright? Oh yeah, and I'll reiterate: buy this when it's released in America. It's worth it.

There ya have it,
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