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Checkin' out some new stuff

Wow.... it's been awhile since our last post, ne?

I've posted these little mini-reviews on my LJ already... Nobi has effectively prodded me to (well... I volunteered and she let me XD) post them here as well.

Vampire Princess Miyu (OVA) - Gotta say it's one of the best 80's anime I've seen. It was really solid storywise and looked nice for its age. I must say, however, that the ending was left rather unresolved. Not in a bad sort of way, but it definitely leaves itself open for the TV series. But if that doesn't complete the plotline, I'll probably be a little upset.

Some other rather good 80s anime are Rumiko Takahashi's "Laughing Target," if you can get your hands on that, and "Gundam 0080."

I tried watching this shojo-ish anime called "With You ~Mitsumeteitai~" Yeah. Halfway through the first episode (of 2) I had to stop. Too girly. Now, I don't mean in the melodramatic sense, I mean in the "OMFG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN YEARS SO I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR HANDS AND WE'RE GOING TO JUMP UP AND DOWN SQUEALING FOR AN ENTIRE MINUTE!!!!" sort of way. Yeah. That's done. I think they said that this anime was based on a bishoujo game, and yeah. That genre's started on a bad foot.

Ultra Maniac - I've watched 4 episodes of this one so far. This is the magical girl show from the writer of Marmalade Boy. The shoujo drama here is exactly what I'd expect from Wataru Yoshizumi, and that's not a bad thing. So far there has only been one kiss (an improvement from the near 1 kiss/episode ratio from MB)and they spent about 5 seconds on it (an improvement from the near 2 minutes/kiss in the first episode of MB), so the melo-ness of the drama has been reduced quite a bit.

And a key difference here from the usual magical girl show! Sure, there's a transformation sequence, and sure, so far it's been in each episode, but hey, it happens at different points in the show (beginning, middle, end) and Nina (the magical girl) uses different magic each time, although I'm sure she'll be using some spells more than once.

Ah, shoujo anime. It's good to be back. lol

Kamichu - (1 episode so far)

After watching the first episode, I'm rather intrigued. This series is about a girl who, visited by gods one night, becomes a god herself. The only problem is... she doesn't know what her powers are or how to use them (at least at this point).

The animation in this show is interesting for some reason. I think there's just a lot more movement, though it looks a little jerky, than anime usually has. The soundtrack so far has been quite amazing as well.

I am certainly interested, and the next 4 episodes are on my torrent list.

Legend of DUO - (6 episodes so far)

(after episode 1) - Not much can be gleaned from the first 5-minute episode, but what I have so far is that there's this legendary vampire named Duo (imagine that...) and if people can get some of his/her blood, or the blood of other vampires, they will be able to live forever, which is a problem considering that humans are dying left and right (as far as I can tell). Another vampire, whose name I don't think I noticed, is also searching for Duo because he/she is the one who turned him.

The art for this is really good, the animation smooth and character designs appealing. I am also intrigued because I think, if I'm not mistaken, I could pwn the main character in cosplay. XD Though that would be an uber-hard costume to pull off @.@

The story shows a lot of promise, too, and I look forward to watching more of this one. 10 episodes are available for torrent as of right now.

(after the next 5) - The animation, I have noticed, is smooth mostly because it has little to no motion at all! Technically speaking, it's all just repeated frames, and, as a forum I visited noted, the only things that move, mostly, are the mouth and eyes! Still, the story has me interested and I'm still dling this one. Looks like it's moving into the realm of shonen-ai, but so far it's been kept really low-key. This series has been spending most of its time on Duo and Zeig (the main character vampire) and flashbacks showing their past.

MAR (Marchen Awakens Romance) - (1 episode so far)

This show is about a kid who dreams of a magical world, and somehow, he is given the chance to actually go there. He suddenly becomes much stronger than he used to be and gains perfect 20/20 vision. He quickly meets a sorceress who wants to use him to get a rare ARM, items that contain powers (attacks, weapons, guardians, etc.) both good and bad.

This show is definitely a kid's show, and it makes no claim to be anything else. The animation quality is good and the story, though given no explanation and seems to fall into place too conveniently, is still somewhat interesting. The monsters/guardians summoned from the ARMs are rendered in 3-D and look a little out of place with the 2-D characters.

Eh, not quite sure about this one. It was alright, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep dling this one.

Side note: I downloaded this first episode ONLY because MAR is also the name of one of Nobi's cats... my favorite, as a matter of fact. XD

Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai - (1 episode so far)

Translated, this means something like, "This ugly and beautiful world"

First episode was really good, as expected from Gainax. A little nudity, for those who care, but it, so far, has retained a symbolic, more artistic property that makes it okay, at least for me.

Plot's pretty interesting: two guys see a light split in two and crash, and they follow the one that landed in the forest. It turns out that it is a girl, and she says her name is Hikari. One of the guys gives her his jacket to cover herself (she is naked), and a huge bug-looking monster comes out of the forest and attacks them. Hikari's guardian is injured somehow (i missed that part) and now has a slash on each of his cheeks. Suddenly, they grow and spread throughout his entire body, turning him into a Kusanagi-like (Blue Seed anyone?) fighter with forearms that extend into fin-like weapons, or a drill-looking weapon, and his skin looks like it turns to armor. He proceeds to beat the pants off of this bug (well... not pants, but you get the idea.) and, weakened, transforms back. The bug crawls off to die, and Hikari, in a sudden moment of malevolence when the main character isn't looking, appears to blast the thing into a gajillion tiny pieces.

The review site I wandered to said that from here, the series descends into fanservice and ecchi for the next, oh, 8 or so episodes before an apparently strong finale (through episode 12 or 13... however long it is. lol). I really want to like this series.... alot, so I'll have to give it a chance until it like, offends me or something. I don't know. lol

Well, there ya have it.
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