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The Bronze-Winning Anime Movie!

Movie #3 - Gundam 0080


Alfred Izuruha was an ordinary elementary schoolkid who played war with his friends, and when a mobile suit battle flared up in his colony and the school got destroyed, he and his friends were elated. The boy goes to the crash site of one of the suits and finds its pilot, Bernie, alive. The pilot befriends the boy, and the two of them go on a couple "recon missions" together against the Federation. Time is running out as the Zeon leaders get impatient with the Federation's plans, and now it's up to the Zeon secret force to find and destroy the Federation's Gundam before the Zeons nuke the whole colony.


This aired on Cartoon Network and I was shocked to see everything finish in 6 episodes. Then again, after episode 5 there wasn't much else to do. What was really shocking was how compact and awesomely functional this series was. Everything in a good Gundam series is in this, and it isn't rushed at all (like it was in Gundam F-91). Perfect pacing, as well as a perfect ending. There is a very tragic irony in having certain knowledge that the characters don't when the ending unfolds.

This isn't your typical Gundam. It is MUCH more character-based than action based, but don't get me wrong - the fights are AMAZING. The animation quality of this series is incredible, although the character designs look a little sketchy and rough. The music also sticks out a bit; it's a little too 80's for the mood at times (take that as you will. lol).

Full of twists and turns, Gundam 0080 is a show that you won't forget for a long time after you watch it.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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