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The Countdown Enters the Final Lap

Movie #5 - X: The Movie


The Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth square off in the ultimate battle for the Earth at the end of time. Each side is led by a "Kamui" that will be their representative in the final stage of the battle. But who's on what side, and even then... who's one of the Dragons and who's not?


Lots of people knock this for its quick speed and lack of plot. I, however, feel that this movie was more about the action, and the story that was there was enough to hold the action together in a coherent line, as well as introduce the basic plot of the manga. The characters, sure, they were here and gone, but the action, OH the action. It was beautiful to behold. Lots of cool imagery stuff, lots of blood, lots of violence.

I like to have a balanced anime that makes me think, but a smooth anime that just entertains me is darn good, too, and this falls into that category. Pure action for the action junkie.. or those just looking for one of those stereotypical "uber-violent" anime fixes.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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