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The Countdown Continues Under a Fireworks Sky

Movie #6 - Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea


Hitomi Kanzaki is a high-school track athlete who just never seemed to make it, and she can't seem to tell the track captain how she feels about him. Her angst develops into a state of nihilistic depression, and a strange man comes to her sharing her pain. She is transported to the land of Gaea where she meets up with Van, Allen, Millerna and the crew as they try to stop the Zaibach Empire from destroying the world. The only problem is - is Hitomi the key that Zaibach needs to complete their mission in the first place?


Okay, here we have the first UNRELATED RETELLING of a series. I emphasize that because too many people don't like how different this is from the Escaflowne series. There is a different theme here, different character traits, a TOTALLY different purpose and direction than the original had. It was a breath of fresh air to me, not a rotting, festering pile of anime crap laying on the side of the road.

While the series seemed to exist to tell a story, the Escaflowne movie exists to make a point, and makes full use of the motion picture format to do so. The visuals are extraordinary, the fights are beautiful to watch, the animation is smooth as silk, and the character designs... well, they leave a bit to be desired. The only thing that carried over from the series was the awkwardness of the art. The eyes, which were very rectangular and big, are just so in the movie, only they seemed to be exaggerated to a point where they looked almost... ugly. But, for me, the story and the point shine through in any case.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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