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The Countdowns Have One Week Left!

Movie #8 - Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love


The super-bad intergalactic criminal Kain is out to destroy Tenchi's mother by going back in time and killing her before Tenchi was even born! With Washu's technical prowess, she gets the Tenchi crew back in time, but can they stop this evil being before Tenchi disappears from the space-time continuum?


For my comments, I can practically copy and paste my comments from the previous movie. This does not belong in any of the previous Tenchi continuities, it just gives the characters something to do in a well-scripted adventure that actually takes time travel and makes a reasonable, not far-fetched use of it. Everyone is consistent with themselves, and the story is very well self-contained... except for the lack of character introduction. It's something to be expected for movies-from-series as far as I can tell. But yes, for those who know little about Tenchi, you probably know enough to enjoy this one to the fullest.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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