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The Countdown Falters, But Recovers!

So yeah... last night involved a lot of me not being at home, so I was unable to update. However, so I finish this thing on time, here are two updates in one!

Movie #11 - Castle of Cagliostro

Summary: Lupin the III is out on what seems like a normal Lupin-esque caper, until he sees a girl dressed like a bride being chased by several unsavory-looking types. He decides to save her, and in the process discovers that he's landed upon one of the biggest treasure troves he's ever encountered! Can he stop the evil Count Cagliostro from marrying this girl against her will and inheriting the girl's fortune?


When I see Lupin, I usually run the other way, but with the praise this movie had received from so many people, I had to give it a chance, and I wasn't disappointed.

Here we have some of legendary director Hayao Miyazaki's finest (and what of Miyazaki's isn't fine?) work, with a solid story that develops at a very nice pace, we have the Lupin crew acting their normal selves - Well, except Lupin. He's acting the part of the chivalrous-hero-yet-still-thief in this one, and it's a welcome (to me) departure for him. Guys like him always have their soft spot in them somewhere anyway.

Got another review to write... so on to number ten!

Movie #10 - Princess Mononoke


A boar god-turned-demon attacks Ashitaka's village, and his arm is touched by the vile creature and infected. He is forced to leave and find what caused this boar its pain so he could be cured. Along the way he meets


Not quite Miyazaki's best, in my opinion, but it's waaay up there. This was the first Miyazaki film I saw, and bought it on VHS a few years back (wow... the pre-DVD player days... that was a LONG time ago, it seems.) when I was still just getting into anime. I was totally impressed with the visuals in this movie: the sweeping landscapes, the imaginative creatures, the nice character designs, the awesome action, the AMAZING soundtrack (I suggest buying it - it's worth every penny. [if you're into anime music]), the solid, smooth story... *falls over*

Great movie. Watch it.

Now. XD

Seriously, though. If I were to make my list of "anime classics," this would be on the list. I think it also serves as a nice piece to show people what anime is like. I've shown this to a few people with... mixed results, but people generally like it and tend to think of anime as less strange when they see it. XD

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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