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The Second Countdown Rolls On!

Movie #12 - Ghost in the Shell


Major Matoko Kusanagi is a very special agent for Section 9 of the Tokyo police. She is an android, like many other members of the Section, and this lends her capabilities far beyond those of normal humans.

When some fishy business starts happening in the secret places of the Japanese government, another android, known as "The Puppet Master" curiously seems to turn itself in to Section 9. What are its motives? And just how human is the Major, and the other androids for that matter?


In my opinion, this is the best of the three anime "classics" recommended to me when I started getting really serious into anime, the others being "Akira" (which was waaaay too condensed and confusing to be truly good) and "Ninja Scroll" (anyone who knows me and has seen this should know why.). Ghost in the Shell had quite a bit of detailed nudity, to be sure, but it was all non-sexual (for one) and there was some logic behind it. Mind you, I'm not saying that this makes it right to me, just tolerable.

The animation quality is absolutely amazing, and the soundtrack is very well-composed. The plot unravels at a very satisfying pace, and the theme and symbolism of several things are well-developed and weren't over my head @.@

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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