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Every Journey of 14 steps must start with the first... 2?

Movie #13 - Interstella 5555


A blue-skinned alien rock group is abducted by an entertainment mogul with world-domination ambitions and he makes them human, erases their memories, and turns them into the next big thing on Earth. Will they ever realize who they are, can they stop the mogul's plans, and will they ever be able to make it back home?


This is the movie Daft Punk had made to match up with their album "Discovery." It plays out like an album with pictures, a continuous line of music videos with little to no break inbetween songs. The plot is solid and flows very smoothly from song to song. There is absolutely no dialogue in this movie outside of the songs, and it functions incredibly well that way. That really sets this movie apart and makes it more incredible.

The first four videos were featured on Cartoon Network a couple years ago, which led me to buy the album, and then led me to wait for this movie with bated breath. I wasn't disappointed.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
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