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And the Winner Is.......

Series #1 - FullMetal Alchemist


When Alphonse and Edward Elric were little, their mother suddenly died. Having studied alchemy on their own, they decided they would try to bring her back to life.

They failed.

Ed lost his right arm and left leg, and Al lost his entire body, his soul sealed into a suit of armor. Now the brothers are on the trail of the Philosopher's Stone, something that will let them break the rules of alchemy when they perform transmutations. Will this be what they need to get themselves back to normal, and maybe even bring their mother back?


Okay, if you consider yourself a "real" anime fan and you HAVEN'T seen any of this series or heard of it, you are misleading yourself. This is one of the most popular anime to hit the States and for good reason. With a plot that never stops throughout all 51 episodes (okay... there are like, 2 pit stops, but still... they're darn good ones.), FullMetal Alchemist is full of many, many twists and turns, and characters are deep and involved in the intricate web that is this show. The soundtrack is astounding as well, and the animation quality is next to none. The world in FMA is cool to start with, and as it explains itself, it only gets better. Like RahXephon, there is little (to nothing) left to explain by the time this ride is over.

FullMetal Alchemist stands above the rest in my hill o'anime. I like to refer to anime as "reading a book without doing the work" and this novel would be a real page-turner that I would be hard-pressed to put down for anything.

Be forewarned: This show has some upsetting, emotional moments that serve to get the points of this show across. If you don't at least FEEL like tearing up at some of the things that happen, check your pulse.

There ya have it. Thanks for watching!
And look forward to my movie countdown starting tomorrow!

(To clarify myself - when I say "movie" I mean feature film OR short (5-6 episodes) OVA, just short enough that it could be watched in one 3 hour sitting.)
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